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The first Asian-American Pacific Islander interest sorority to provide women professional and personal development throughout their collegiate career and beyond.



In the fall of 2006, three lovely ladies came together to create the first Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) interest sorority at Washington State University, Pullman Campus (WSU). With the growth of the Multicultural Greek community and lack of resources for AAPI womxn, there was a need to provide a space for AAPI womxn within the community and the Greek system. All three ladies had considered joining a sorority at WSU, but found none that reflected AAPI culture.


​On February 8, 2007, the Lovely Sisterhood of Chi Delta Sigma Sorority was founded at WSU, Pullman campus. These three ladies who advocated to provide a communal space for AAPI womxn within the community and Greek system, soon became our founding mothers; Mother Nicole Crebillo, Mother Jacqueline Balatbat, and Mother Noelle Valbuena. On June 8, 2007, Chi Delta Sigma became established within the existing Greek community, The United Greek Council at WSU. In the fall of 2008, the three founders brought in their first class of sisters who shared similar values and goals reflecting the pillars of the lovely sisterhood: Academic Excellence, Leadership, Awareness, Diversity, and Sisterhood.


This was only the beginning for this lovely sisterhood to unite womxn who identified as Asian and Pacific Islander. It was their vision to further promote AAPI culture, provide a safe space for womxn to grow as leaders, and to create a lasting bond between ladies during their academic journey and beyond.

From left to right, CDS Founding Mothers: Nicole Crebillo, Noelle Valbuena, and Jacqueline Balatbat


"The purpose of the Lovely Sisterhood of Chi Delta Sigma Sorority, Incorporated is to: provide a support group for those in need of sisterhood; shape their true characters; give them a foundation for personal growth; and bring guidance in academic excellence."

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